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As a home business entrepeur and software developer, I try out a lot of internet marketing related software and training. This site will contain information about what I learn as I test these tools and use them in my own business. I hope you will come back often as I test and report on new software and training.


 Mike Gates
 I am a Home Business Entrepeneur, and software engineer.



Wordpress Link Rotator Plugin

Okay, I'm biased with it comes to this tool, since I created in myself.

This Worpress URL Rotator Plugin, is unique in that it rotates link in sequence. Most rotators rotate links in a random fashion...why?

Because random URL rotators are much easier to create. When I couldn't find a true sequential link rotator, I created this one myself.




This tool contains a drag & drop page builder, funnel builder, auotresponder, video creator, image editor, mobile app creator and more.

The tool is under constant improvment and new features are being added often.

Combined these tools can cost hundreds per month, but not anymore, right now you can get it all for much less.

Every marketer needs these tool and now you can get them in one place for a heck of a deal.